My January Favorites

January has felt like such a LONG month! Around this time of year, my life gets very hectic due to sports, school concerts, and exams. But, I have tried out all sorts of new products due to the holiday season and I’m very excited to share some of my favorites!


During the winter, my skin gets SUPER dry, I mean, to the point where it’s itchy and irritated. This is due to the chlorine in the pool which I spend every afternoon in for at least two hours. Going from a warm pool area to negative degree weather outside doesn’t work wonders on the skin, so these are a few of my favorite products to help heal my face and body.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream:

I purchased this product in the tube because I feel like it’s less of a mess, (just a personal preference), and I absolutely love it. I needed a good moisturizer for night time, (which is when I use it) but you could totally use it under makeup. It’s light enough to use in the morning, and it sinks into the skin quickly, immediately leaving your skin with a soft and silky feeling.

Bath And Body Works: Madagascar Vanilla Body Butter:

This stuff smells AMAZING!! My mom got this for me for the holidays and I used it after every shower/bath I take. It leaves the skin feeling very smooth and smelling sooooo good. I’m not a huge florally fan, so I usually stick to vanillas because they aren’t overpowering. The smell lingers for a while too. I usually use it at night and I still smell like vanilla in the morning.

LUSH bath melt:,en_US,pd.html

I love this bath melt so much oh my god. It smells like vanilla (Ooo wow) and it also leaves the skin feeling very soft. It creates great bubbles and when they dissolve, it leaves the bath with a silver/grey color. The scent definitely lingers and paired with the Madagascar Vanilla body butter, it’s a vanilla extravaganza.


Gap: Boyfriend Jeans

I love boyfriend jeans and I really love this pair. They DON’T have rips in them, making them the perfect winter pair. Most of my other pairs of boyfriend jeans have rips, and the weather doesn’t compliment naked knees. I bought my pair a size down because they’re supposed to be loose anyway, and they were more flattering with a smaller waist size.

Gap: Infinity Scarf

This scarf. This scarf is so warm and cozy I cannot articulate how I feel about it. It’s a nice pink color to contrast my entirely black and white wardrobe, and it keeps my neck warm in the subzero climate of New England.

Converse: Black Monochrome

I love Converse. They’re comfortable, classic and quality. I have a pair of white high top Chucks and another white pair of low top All Stars. I absolutely love them and I had wanted a pair of black monochrome low tops for a while, but never brought myself to buying them. My amazing mother bought them for me for the holidays and I adore them. They go great with boyfriend jeans and a flannel, or even a skater skirt and a sweater.


Wholly Guacamole Mini Cups:

Costco sells guac in little tiny 100 calorie cups, perfect for lunches. I enjoy my guac with baby carrots, a healthier alternative to chips. If you really want chips, you can go for blue corn chips, as they tend to be higher in vitamins due to their color.

Sweet Kale Salad:

Also available at Costco, this salad packs superfoods into a convenient mix. Featuring kale and brussel sprouts, the salad comes with dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds, as well as dressing. The dressing IS full fat, so please tread lightly when using it, and bear in mind that the cranberries and seeds are for the entire salad, not just one serving!!


I actually created a Spotify playlist with some of the songs that I find myself humming and singing in the shower. Take a look, feel free to subscribe and add any music you’ve been loving in January! (:





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