Coconut Oil: Could It Actually Change Your Life?

I know, I know, every grocery store is now promoting coconut waters, flours, milks and anything else you can squeeze out of a coconut. BUT, coconut oil is truly worth the hype surrounding it.

It can be used to cook, of course, instead of butter or vegetable oils, but it can also be used on the outside of your body.

Yes, it sounds weird. Putting oil on your body. Here are a few of the treatments I use often to help keep my skin and hair looking soft and shiny.

Makeup Remover:

Run the coconut oil in the jar under warm water to melt it into a liquid. Pour it out onto your hands and work into the skin. You will look like a raccoon, which is how you know it’s working. Take a warm wash cloth and wipe the oil off. You should be left with clean skin!

This method is both cheaper and cleaner for you and the environment than pricy cleansing oils or cleansing balms. The oil will also help to moisturize your skin, especially in the winter time, when you need it most.

Overnight Moisturizer:

Again, melt the oil into a liquid. After using a cleanser, apply to the face instead of a moisturizer. It should look shiny and will sink into the skin. Sleep with the oil on your beautiful face. In the morning, wash off with a cleanser.

It should leave your skin feeling soft and shiny, without clogging your pores. I love using this during the winter, as my skin is basically the Sahara Desert, and it helps to replenish the moisture without causing a breakout. This is also really great to use after exfoliating.

Hair Mask:

Winter is a rough time on your hair too. I bring the oil into the shower with me, and rinse my hair. I wash my body and shave if I need to, allowing the steam to melt the oil. Apply the oil to your hair, making sure it doesn’t wash out. Tie it up into a bun with a hair tie, and step out of the shower. Leave in for about an hour. Get back in and wash the oil out with regular shampoo. Apply conditioner, as usual, if desired.

Body moisturizer:

After the shower, it’s important to moisturize while your pores are open, so your skin absorbs the product easier. Melt the oil under warm water and apply to your skin. I use it on my legs and arms, focusing on rough spots like my knees and elbows. The oil should almost rub in all of the way, leaving a slight shine on the skin.

I really love using coconut oil, and I recommend it to those with sensitive skin, dry skin, and those who are allergic to fragrance.




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